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What’s it going to look like?

change management, goal settingWhen you are beginning a change project, setting a specific goal is critically important.  You need to know exactly where you want to be, so you can develop the exact path that will take you there.  One important step that too many leaders overlook is the visualization of success in the earliest planning stages.  By doing this, you are forcing yourself to focus on details of the end state.

What does success look like?  How will you know you’ve completed the project and achieved your goals?  It pays to give careful consideration to precisely where you want to be when the project is over, because without that clear and well-defined end state, it’s nearly impossible to lead an organization along a path that will take you to it.  Major change takes time and focused effort from many individuals, and as a leader, you must define the goals and objectives very clearly.  One of the best tools for helping you do that is visualization.

Imagine yourself and your organization in the new reality – the reality you hope to achieve.  What does it look like?  How does  it function?  Focus on as many details as you can, and write down every detail you hope to accomplish.  The more details you can commit to paper, the more likely you’ll be to develop the paths and the processes that will lead you there.  They say the devil’s in the details.  I say the success of your project is too.

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