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Dream big… no, bigger.

Great leaders have great dreamsOne of the things that separates great leaders from average leaders is the size of their dreams.  Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates and other hugely successful leaders didn’t achieve their level of success by thinking small.  No, those truly great leaders dreamed big… and then they dreamed bigger.

Companies today that are faced with challenges – from the economy, from the government  from the competition, from technology,  or from any other source, will have to innovate to survive.  Change is a fact of our lives, and the real winners of the future will be those who can manage change well.  All successful change begins with a leader’s vision – a dream for the future.  When great leaders announce their plans for the future, those plans explode onto the scene, they are not slipped under a door to be discovered haphazardly.  Their visions – their dreams – are huge.  They cannot be ignored or postponed.  The people responsible for accomplishing those dreams cannot muddle through with business as usual.  They have to act.  They have to mobilize their teams.  They have to be fully engaged, with their foot on the gas, and their eyes focused ahead.

If any organization is to survive and succeed, its leaders must dream big.  And then they must dream bigger.  Much bigger.

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