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AdWords or AdSense?

AdWords-pay-per-clickAre you confused about Google’s terminology?  Wondering what the difference is between Google AdWords and Google AdSense?  OK, here’s the skinny.  AdWords is the system that Google developed for placing ads on their results pages. It’s a Pay-Per-Click system in which you agree to pay Google each time your ad appears on a Search Results page and the person doing the searching clicks on your ad.  If you look at a results page, like the one pictured here, you’ll see the ads at the top of the page (in the shaded box) and also down the right-hand column. You choose the keywords you want to target, and when someone searches for those keywords, your ad might be displayed on the results page.

Google AdWords also includes ads that appear on millions of other webpages that Google believes are related to the keywords their customers (you or other AdWords marketers) have chosen to target.  For example, let’s say you are a florist and you want to target the keyword “bridal flowers”.  If you have set it up correctly in the AdWords system, your ad might show up on any of a bazillion websites related to brides or weddings.  The idea is that people who read those webpages (bridal magazines and Wedding Planner blogs, for example), might be interested in your ad for bridal flowers.


Google AdSense, on the other hand, is the flip-side of AdWords.  In the previous example, the bridal magazines or the wedding planners have enrolled in AdSense, and have agreed to let Google place ads on their websites.  In return, they get a percentage of the money that Google collects from the AdWords customers (the florist) whose ads appear on their sites.

If you’re interested in putting these two strategies to work for your your bottom like, I strongly advise you not go it alone.  As a recent report on stated, “Experimenting with pay-per-click by using Google Adwords, Yahoo! Search Marketing or Microsoft adCenter without really understanding how a comprehensive campaign works is a money waster. It only results in high priced ads and low conversion rates.  … Hiring a certified pay-per-click professional who actually does know how to drive qualified traffic on a budget will yield improved results.”

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