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I work with organizations that want to manage change so they get better buy-in, less resistance, and maximum benefit from the changes they need to implement.


1Marianne’s latest book,  Ten-Fold Marketing: Growing Your Business by Growing Your Heart, and is available in both paperback and Kindle editions.  We’ve all heard it said that when you do something good for someone else, it will come back to you tenfold.  That’s the marketing strategy that she promotes in the book, and in her work with the Live Ten-Fold community.  Visit that site to learn more.


2Marianne is a fabulous, funny, and wildly engaging speaker, who explains even complicated technical jargon in plain English. She brings humor, animation, excitement and genuine understanding to her audiences, and they always ask for more.  Her focus and passion are in demonstrating ways to implement changes so that the pain is minimized and the benefit is maximized.  You won’t be disappointed if you bring Marianne in for your next event or corporate training session.


3Marianne is a gifted and passionate trainer and speaker, and she brings enormous value to her clients’ businesses.  Whether designing and delivering a seminar or in-service presentation to a live audience, or creating online education and training, Marianne is “Simply Brilliant!”  With unparalleled experience in all aspects of corporate training, Marianne’s a sure bet to bring you the results you need.

Change Facilitator

4 Change is difficult, but it’s inevitable. And it’s accelerating. The winners of the future will be those people and organizations who truly excel at managing change. Marianne works with you to minimize the pain and maximize the ROI when your organization must implement changes. The world is changing, and organizations have to change if they hope to survive. When change presents problems, Marianne presents solutions.