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Marianne Carlson is our resident expert in Change Management and Leadership Development.  She is a talented speaker, trainer, author and coach, and she's worked with individuals and organizations around the world including private industry, the Vermont State Judiciary and the US Army, on projects involving both Change Management and Leadership Development. 

As an expert in the field of Change Management, Ms. Carlson has been published in over a hundred publications and is currently writing her third book, called "Change Happens (But it Doesn't Have to Stink)". 

Change is inevitable, and it's accelerating.  The winners of the future will be those organizations and those individuals who really excel at managing change.  Learn more about how Marianne Carlson can help your organization develop better leaders who can successfully manage change.  Visit her website at www.MarianneCarlson.com.

Our team has extensive experience in the area of Corporate Communications, as well, and we are available to consult on a wide range of communications topics. Click here to learn more about our Corporate Communications offerings.

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