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Defense Contracting

With over thirty years of experience in the defense industry, both as a DOD insider and as a contractor, Don Carlson knows the government contracting system. Whether you are a seasoned defense contractor or just getting started, he will be able to provide expert analysis and sound advice that can help you gain market share.

He will be able to focus on one or all of the three basic phases of government contracting.

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Phase 1 is the pre-award activity, which involves procurement planning, contract solicitation, source selection and contract award.

Phase 2 is managing contract performance and compliance with contract provisions and regulatory requirements.

Phase 3 is customer awareness and satisfaction after product delivery.

Wherever you need assistance, be it a key element of the cycle or if you desire a comprehensive approach, Don Carlson can help you understand the procurement process and provide solutions to improve your efficiency in navigating the acquisition cycle.

Contact Emcie Systems today to see what we can do to strengthen your position and standing in the defense industry.

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